Weaver Park, Pool & Campground

The Weaver Park, pool, and campgrounds are located at the North end of Main Street in Edgeley.  The park is utilized throughout the year with playground equipment, a picnic shelter and numerous picnic tables, an outdoor basketball court, and a sand volleyball court.  Generally from April to November bathroom and shower facilities are open for use. 

The park contains a swimming pool that was built in 2011.  It has a capacity of over 200 and has a 50 foot water slide. The pool opens in early June and is open through August. 

The Edgeley Swimming Pool is open during the Summer Months of June, July, and August with weather permitting. Bathroom and Shower facilities are available for use at the swimming pool. Use of the pool is NOT included in the campground fee. 

The campground located on the north and east sides of the pool is open from early Spring to late Fall. 

The Edgeley Campground is made up of three locations.  The original Campground which was built in 1985 is located on the North Side of the Park with Fifteen full service sites available.  In 1999 a new campground was added across from the park to the East with Thirteen full service sites available. 

Also in 1999  a location next to the Edgeley Ambulance building was added.  This location is generally used for extended camping or if someone would like more privacy.  All sites have electricity, Water, Sewer and Wifi.  Several 50 Amp service locations are available for larger campers. 

Fees are $20 per night.  Monthly rates are also available for extended visits at a rate of $450 per month.  

If you need further information on the campgrounds, please contact City Hall at city@edgeley.com.

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