Edgeley Ambulance

The Edgeley Volunteer Ambulance Service was started in September of 1973.  The squad had approximately 17 volunteer members.  We had 8 calls that first year. 

The Holte Hearst was used until a new 1973 Dodge MaxiVan was purchased.  In 1974 they had 42 calls.  Equipment and 2-way radios were purchased and eventually beepers and pagers.  The Manor St. Joseph staff received the calls from the State Radio and they in turn set off the pagers to call out the Edgeley Ambulance Service.  In 1979 a back-up Cadillac Ambulance was purchased.

Mr. H. Douglas Weaver played a vital role in supporting the Edgeley Ambulance Service.  Mr. Weaver purchased a building from Farmers Union Oil in 1991 at the north end of main street.  He then donated the building to the Edgeley Ambulance Service.  His generosity has given the Edgeley Ambulance Service the opportunities to grow and expand in many ways.

Also, because of LaVerne Splickan and his generous donations to help support the Edgeley Ambulance Service, we have continued to grow and had the opportunity for new training and equipment.

Through the years, the Edgeley Civic-Study Group became very instrumental in helping with fund raisers.  This helped with the purchase of new Ambulances, equipment, and pagers.  A 1986 Ford Van Ambulance added and in 1994 a new Type III Box-Style Ford Ambulance was purchased.  In 1999 we purchased a similar ambulance for use as a back-up rig.  We currently have approximately 50 to 60 calls a year to hospitals in Jamestown, Fargo, Bismarck, Aberdeen, Wishek, and Oakes.

We are a volunteer service that consists of EMT I's, EMT B's, First Responders, Nurses, and CPR Certified Drivers.  We are very fortunate to have a supportive community with donations, memorials, and moral support.  Through the years donations have come to support the Edgeley Ambulance from all over the country, from people that lived here, people that have had family here, and people within the community.  Without these generous donations and their wonderful support, the constant need for new training and new equipment could not be met.

We currently have approximately 26 members on the squad.  We have four members retiring and are always in need of new members.  Our monthly meetings are held the 2nd Monday of every month.  We do provide training at each of the meetings.

Any donations or memorials may be sent in care of Deb or LaVerne Anderson at the address below.

Edgeley Ambulance Service
108 7th Avenue
Edgeley, North Dakota  58433
Phone: (701) 493-2208




Edgeley Ambulance Service
108 7th Ave/
Edgeley, ND 58433