Edgeley Municipal Airport

The Edgeley Municipal Airport was first constructed just west of the city on the North side of Highway 13 across from the Glenn Olson farm.

It was constructed by the Government under the WPA program.  It consisted of two runways, one NW-SE and one NE-SW of which was sod.  This was done in the early 1930's and Father Long hangered his Curtis Robin pusher-type aircraft at the field.  He and his good friend, Al Kruger, were the only pilots at that time.

After World War II, the Kipp Bros. acquired an airplane and flew off the field until about 1948 when it was converted into farmland again.  Another location for the airport needed to be found.

The pilots convinced Mr. Tubby Moch to lease them a piece of land at his farm along Highway 281 north of town.  The hangars were moved and the land smoothed over to make into a runway.  This lasted until the early 1960's until it was decided that the land could be of better use in farming.  The hunt for another location began again.

Mr. Joe Zahn was approached, and being somewhat favorable to an airport, agreed to lease enough land for a runway and space for the hangars.  By this time Joe Cofell and Harold Ellingson had joined the Kipp's and Kruger in the flying sport.  They moved the hangars and built a couple of new ones.  Then they convinced the County Maintenance man to go out and blade a path down the field for a runway.  They were back in business again.

Sometime during the 1960's an Airport Authority was formed and this brought in tax dollars so the field could be black topped and runway lights could be installed.  It was during the 1960's that others began to take an interest in flying.  Dennis Anderson, Floyd Fredenburg, Lester Pauling, and a few area farmers, who had their own landing strips, used the Edgeley Airport at times.

The field as it was did not accommodate larger aircrafts and most transient pilots did not feel comfortable landing at Edgeley.  They landed at Jamestown or Ellendale and would drive to Edgeley to take care of their business.

At some point in the mid-1980's Gene Hanson acquired his pilot's license and flew rental aircrafts until he became affiliated with Fisher Flying Products and is now the chief pilot for that company testing aircrafts that are designed and built for the flying public.

Construction started on Edgeley's new Regional Airport facility June of 1999.  The Airport opened in September of 2000 and the construction was completed in June 2001.  Proposed expansion for the year 2002 is a maintenance building and a hangar.
Written by Bud Kipp

New Municipal Airport Facility
Due to the direction and length of the runway, many pilots hesitated to utilize our airport.  Preliminary inquiries were made by Fisher Flying Products pilot and general manager Gene Hanson to the N.D. Aeronautics Commission, on the availability of funds to enlarge or rebuild the runway.  Hanson took his findings to the Edgeley Economic Development Corporation and the Edgeley City Council.  Both were supportive to research if the federal funds would be available to either build a new one or expand our present airport.  This was the beginning of a study to research the probability of funds from the FAA and the State of North Dakota to achieve the expansion.  Due to East West runway orientation, no funds would be allocated to expand and refurbish.  During this time a FEMA trailer was purchased for use as a pilot's lounge.

The land that the airport was located on was leased.  In order to have a Federal Funded Airport it was required to purchase approximately 50 acres of land.  This involved buying land from several landowners to be able to go forward with building the new airport.  The Edgeley Airport Authority Board of Directors began the paperwork.  After an application was sent to the FAA, it took a year to have them approve it and have the funds available.  The Edgeley Economic Development Corporation offered to loan $50,000 to the Edgeley Airport Authority to start the project.  The County Commission was approached by the three area airports and after presenting their needs, the Commission approved a 2 mill county levy.  Construction began in the spring of 1999.  Funds to build the airport were provided by the FAA (90%), State Aeronautics Commission (5%), and Edgeley Airport Authority (5%).

The goal was to complete the construction within a year.  However, 1999 proved to be a very challenging year for construction with the frequent rains.  The construction was finally completed in the year 2001.  During the construction, Lester (Buzzy) Pauling, the airport manager, put in many hours overseeing the project. Also, during this time, two of the 1960 hangars were dismantled for airport improvement.  One hangar will be replaced by a new structure and the other hangar was moved off site.  Dennis Anderson had a new hangar constructed after the completion of the airport.  The Edgeley Municipal Airport was presented with the NDAC-AAND 2000 Airport of the Year Award-General Aviation Class-Edgeley Municipal Airport in 2000.

During the construction, an asphalt floor was laid for the proposed 60'x120' city hangar, to be built in the year 2002.  The City of Edgeley allocated $35,000.00 towards the building of the hangar.  Due to the new Federal Status, the Edgeley Airport has received one of the few grants in North Dakota to be used for capital improvements.  The grant totals $450,000.00 over a three-year period.  Monies from this grant will be used for construction of a maintenance building, bathroom facilities, and snow removal equipment in 2002.  Plans for further improvements will occur in 2003 and 2004.

The new airport runway has a hard-surfaced Northwest-Southeast, 60'x3600' with radio activated taxi and runway lights.  The airport has seen increased traffic since the opening of the new runway. Dedication for the new airport was held in 2002.

In 2006 application was made to the FAA for Capital Improvement Funds to purchase snow removal equipment.  The funds were approved and the purchase of a tractor, snowblower, broom and buck was made in 2004.  Funds were also approved for the construction of a maintenance building for the new equipment.  The Maintenance Building includes an office, lounge area, restroom and storage room.

Application was also made in 2006 for funds to construct a grass Cross Wind runway (120' x 2900') and taxi way.  Construction of this runway took place in the spring/summer of 2007.

Airport Board of Directors are listed below: 

Group Members

Justin Fredenburg

Byron Thom

Bruce Salzsieder

Board Member
Dave Lux

Board Member
Preston Sitzmann