EHS Alumni Scholarships

The EHS Alumni Scholarship began in 1981 when the Class of 1931 collected $110.00 in memory of the deceased members of their class.  They requested this money be used as a Scholarship Fund for an EHS graduate.

In 1982 a motion was made and passed that the Edgeley Alumni Scholarship Fund be set up to be enacted when accrued interest made it possible and to be presented to the McKenna Award recipient at graduation.

In 1983 three ratifications were set for the Scholarship Fund.

  1. That the E.H.S. Scholarship Fund shall be kept separate and apart of any other E.H.S. funds at all times.
  2. That the funds shall be deposited in the Edgeley Credit Union.
  3. That the annual scholarship amount shall be based upon the earnings that past 12 months as of June 15th each year.

Glenn Olson presented the first E.H.S. Alumni Scholarship to Lisa Jacobs in 1983.


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