Myrtle Bloedow Memorial Foundation

The Myrtle Bloedow Memorial Foundation was established in 1966 by the late E.G. Bloedow and the children of Myrtle Bloedow, James Robison, Rolland Robison, and Myrtle Raymond.

The foundation is to be operated exclusively for educational purposes and mainly to further the ideals of Myrtle Bloedow in the education of young people in Edgeley, LaMoure County, and elsewhere within the limits of the State of North Dakota in this order of preference.

The Advisory Board is empowered to award each year, to an Edgeley High School senior, upon graduation, a cash award of not less than $250.00.  This was increased to $500.00 in 1985.  It is also empowered to give to the Edgeley Public Library the same amount for the sole purpose of purchasing books.

It is the hope of the Foundation that through these awards and the purchase of books, it will help develop students in the field of good citizenship and education.




2023 Scholarship Award Winner Rylee Fischer