History of Community Development Corp

The Edgeley Community Development Corporation was started in 1969 by a group of Edgeley citizens to assist and promote business activity in the Edgeley Area.  A fee of $100.00 was enacted for membership in the organization. 


In the early years the membership fees were used to assist small business ventures start up in the community.  In 1981 the largest venture to date would take place with the Edgeley Cable TV system being owned and built by the organization.  Bonds were sold to raise the needed capital with the profits of the Cable system being used to repay the debt over a ten year period.  The project was so successful that the bonds were repaid within seven years and additional work was done to the cable system increasing the channel capacity from twelve channels to fifteen.  Over the years this project has continued to provide funds to assist with many economic and community projects. 

After many years operating as a for profit corporation it was decided to form a new corporation the Edgeley Economic Development Corporation which assists organizations and individuals wishing to provide financial assistance.  The board of directors was also expanded from five to nine to give more input and assistance with projects. 

This web site is the latest project that has been taken on with Joy Powers being contracted to do the majority of the work for the EEDC and the City of Edgeley. 

Email us at city@edgeley.com