Country Hearts

Country Hearts Club, formerly Farmerette Homemakers, was organized in September, 1987, for the purpose of accomplishing the member's goals as an independent organization rather than continuing under the leadership umbrella of the Extension Service.

Our purpose is to be a positive entity in our community by nurturing relationships, furthering education and creating opportunities for service while enjoying ourselves throughout the process.

We meet in members' homes the second Thursday night of each month with a flexible summertime schedule.  Lesson themes are up to the designated leader, varying from crafts, book reports, health and welfare subjects and video tours.  A spring concert and summer field trip are always scheduled.

Community service is given where needed including Harvest Holidays, the Manor St. Joseph, the Blood Drive, the School and others.

We're proud of our 30-year age range and variety of occupations indicating that we have something of interest for everyone.

Country Hearts Creed
I believe in divine inspiration and direction
I believe in laughter, joy and friends
I believe in building for the future
I believe in a home where there is love, beauty and safety
I believe in peace and all its benefits

With these beliefs, I will endeavor to meet life graciously
With spirit and courage, for I shall also believe in myself.

Author Kaye Lord, former member