National Guard

Edgeley had a National Guard unit for the first time in May of 1922.  Dr. Lee B. Greene had much to do with getting a Medical Detachment of the 164th Infantry which consisted of 35 men to Edgeley, which at the time was the smallest city in North Dakota to have a National Guard unit.

In 1940 the North Dakota National Guard was re-organized and the Edgeley unit was changed from a Medical Detachment to Headquarters Company Third Battalion 164th Infantry.  Soon afterward, the unit was called into Federal Service.  The men spent time in Edgeley taking physical examinations, receiving new equipment, and recruiting to full strength before traveling by train to Fargo, then to Camp Clairborne, Lousiana, with other North Dakota guardsmen.  After the outbreak of war in December 1941, the unit was sent to New Caledonia, Australia and then onto Guadecanal in October 1942 and were immediately sent into combat.

The Edgeley National Guard Unit, a part of the 164th Infantry, was involved in the very first offensive action by the United States Military in World War II.

In 1956 the National Guard was again reorganized and the Edgeley unit was changed from an Infantry Company to an Engineering Company.

In 1963 the guard unit moved from the old armory located just east of City Hall into their present location at the Armory along Highway 13.  Before training in the old fire hall, weekend training assemblies were held in the building the Take 5 Lounge formerly occupied.

In 1972 the unit was reorganized as Co D (-Det 1&2) 141st Engineer Combat Battalion with Detachment 1 in Wishek and Detachment 2 in Linton.  The armory in Linton was later closed and these positions were moved to Wishek.

In 1984 the Edgeley Unit was awarded the Itschner Award, which named it the Most Outstanding Engineer Company in the United States of America.

The Edgeley Unit was awarded the Eisenhower Trophy (Best Unit Award in the State) in 1983, 1984, and 1985.

In 1991, the Edgeley Unit received the 6th Army Training Excellence Award for having a high percentage of personnel qualifying with weapons, passing physical fitness tests, attending all scheduled drills and annual training, and for keeping the unit at full strength.

In 1993, Co D was again reorganized and picked up Detachment 2 in Hazen, North Dakota.

The three full-time soldiers manning the unit every day at this time were SFC Lester W. Pauling, Unit Administrator, MSG Richard C. Aberle - Training NCO and SSG Timothy Callahan, Supply Sergeant.  The unit designation at this time was Company D (-) 141 Engineer Combat Battalion.  Edgeley was still the smallest city in the North Dakota to have a Unit of this size.

In 1995, the Battalion was finally reorganized as the 141st Engineer Combat Battalion , Corps (Wheeled).  The Edgeley National Guard Unit became Co A (-Det 1&2) 141st ECB, C (w) with Detachment 1 in Wishek, ND and Detachment 2 in Carrington, ND.

Current members of CO A (-) 141st Engr CBT BN, CORPS (WHL) are as follows:
Brock R. Klettke, David L. Grandalen, Ryan A. Boom, James R. Jenkins, Franklin E. Peterson, Roger J. Parsons, Tobias J. Mathern, Terry M. Stickel, Christopher D. Kleven, Robert L. Hebl, Eric J. Schrader, Matthew J. Mathern, Norman J. Lauinger, Timothy D. Walch, Randall K. Boyer, Jason A. Mathern, Bernard K. Lauder, Timothy J. Wald, Dale D. Kraft, Tyler J. Rupp, Timothy N. Grabinger, Kelly W. Kritsky, James D. Gorres, Brian K. Madcke, Jennifer L. Coddington, James A. Koch, Kevin D. Hamlin, Timothy J. Callahan, Patrick H. Jensen, Kenneth L. Schuldheisz, Darrin R. Anderson, Shane P. Clennon, Steven J. Schultz, Spencer S. Aberle, Jacob P. Bollinger, Jared L. Coon, Matthew J. Hebl.

Co A (-) 141st ECB
P.O. Box 307
Edgeley, North Dakota  58433-0307
Phone: (701) 493-2700


Contact Info

SFC Timothy Callahan
Readiness NCO

SSG Kenneth Schuldheisz
Supply SGT

OC Darrin Anderson
Training NCO