Volunteer Fire Department

The Edgeley Fire Department was organized in 1889.  It was developed from a strictly hand fighting organization.  It is now an up-to-date, modern, mechanized fire fighting unit, comparable to any in the state.

The original company was composed of fourteen men, two of whom were captains.  They had hand carts, 600 feet of hose and a water main three blocks long with three hydrants.  The water pressure was supplied by two gas engines at the artesian well in the pump house and a nearby reservoir stored a supply of water.  The fire alarm was sounded by pounding a bell which was on a pole near the telephone building.

In 1918, the first fire truck for fire fighting service was purchased.  For several years after 1923, a car equipped with a chemical tank was in use.  Another notable improvement was the installation of the fire siren.

In 1948, a second truck, especially equipped for fighting country fires, was purchased with the donations by farmers and residents of Edgeley.

In March 1919 , a raging fire destroyed the old wooden buildings on the east side of Main Street.  Lynn Hazelton fell into the fire but was rescued from the burning buildings with severe burns and a broken leg and fingers.  He was the only member of the Edgeley Volunteer Fire Department to suffer a major injury.

In 1952, an explosion burned five old wooden buildings between the brick wall of the theater and the brick wall of the hardware store on the west side of Main Street.  Babe Hull was badly burned, but she survived the fire.

Edgeley Volunteer Fire Department
P.O. Box 164
Edgeley, ND  58433

Group Members

Fire Chief
Grant Mathern

Safety Officer
Steve Powers

Assistant Chief
Justin Fredenburg

Training Officer
Chad Schulz

2nd Assisant Chief
Steve Lackman

Greg Schmidt

Joseph Weigel

Beth Schmidt