Hunting is a favorite pastime of many in this area.  The Edgeley area offers a variety of different hunting seasons at a variety of different times. 

In the fall the air is full of snow geese, blue geese, Canada geese, ducks of every kind, pheasants, doves and grouse.

During the migration in the fall, hundreds of potholes and sloughs can be found filled with waterfowl.  It's a duck hunter's dream!  Hunters from all over travel to the area to partake in the hunting paradise that surrounds the area.

If your into big game, the whitetail season is for you.  Whether you hunt with bow and arrow or with a gun, the whitetail can be found everywhere.

Opening day of deer season brings the countryside spotted with blaze orange as the hunters set out to fill their tags. Shelterbelts and CRP land is walked and walked as the deer are taken one by one. 

Whether its hunting or fishing, waterfowl, coyote or big game, Edgeley is ready to welcome hunters and fisherman from all over the United States.

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