Edgeley is very fortunate to have many different types of service organizations.  These organizations contribute much to our community and to our lives here.

Our volunteer ambulance service is a vital asset to the community along with the volunteer fire department.  These people give their time to serve our community and the people here.

The American Legion sponsors our summer baseball program.  In the last few years we watched as they helped to pull our community together once again and built a beautiful new baseball park.

The Edgeley Lions also are a group of people that commit their time to serving Edgeley.  Their help and participation in many events all through the year.  Their support of our community can not go unnoticed!

The Edgeley Youth Foundation is an organization dedicated to making things better and brighter for our community's youth.  Their involvement in making things happen benefit everyone in the community!

We also have other clubs and organizations that commit and dedicate their time and spirit to bettering our community.  These people are to be commended for their spirt and support.