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NEW Garbage Pickup Schedule


The pickup of residential garbage will change from Tuesday to Wednesday after July 1st.  The first pickup will be Wednesday July 3rd starting at approximately 7:00 AM.  Also the council has approved a new system which will require the carts to be on the same side of the street.  For instance if you live on 6th Avenue your carts will be required to be on the South Side of the street.  If you live on 5th Avenue your carts will be placed on the North side.  If you live on 4th St. Carts will be on the West Side, If you live on 3rd St. carts will be on the East Side. The carts should be placed about eight feet from the curb line.  We are trying to reduce damage to the streets by the truck picking up garbage.  If  you place it to close to the curb he is having to get closer which causes stress on the sides of the street which do not have as thick of asphalt.  We will be posting information soon on the sides of street you should place your carts.